Using a List of Food Dehydrator Reviews

Using a list of food dehydrator reviews will allow you to not only see what food dehydrators are best for you, but what ones you should avoid purchasing.

What to Look for in Food Dehydrator Reviews

When you need to shop for a food dehydrator, you want to choose something that not only works for all of your food dehydrator recipes, but one that will allow you to use it for a long time.

Here are some of the things to look for in reviews to decide whether they are helpful or not:

  • Look for specific details in the review
  • Look for other explanations for critiques
  • Consider the source of the reviews

You need to be skeptical when you read any review as the Internet is an anonymous setting, one in which anyone can say anything.

A Sample List of Food Dehydrator Reviews

Here are just a few reviews of the most popular food dehydrators right now. Use these to help you learn how to choose the right food dehydrator for your needs.

Here's an example of a solid review that seems trustworthy.

Nesco Food Dehydrators - A great little machine, April 4, 2007

By J. Keefer (Corpus Christi, TX USA)

I had been researching dehydrators for months and finally decided on this one. I am happy I did. I have dried veggies, fruits, made jerky and fruit leathers so far. It is easy to use, has great recipes and works well. It is nice to be able to give the kids snacks that are not full of sugars and things no one can pronounce. I only wish it had a timer. I will probably use a regular timer and plug it into that.

Pros: *fan not in bottom of unit - allows for more uniform drying
*temperature control
*size - fits nicely on a kitchen counter
*availability of accessories
*ease of use

Cons: *no timer
*no on/off switch - you have to unplug the unit to turn it off

This particular review was found on the seller site, and it gives the reader an easy to navigate list of what worked for the buyer and what did not along with a star rating.

But here is an example of a poor food dehydrator review:

Replaced by NESCO, August 23, 2009

By Mooncat "Mooncat" (Franklin County, TN)

We bought this in 2008, and used it only twice before packing it away in its original box for storage. Slightly more than year later, we unpacked and set it up to dry tomatoes from the garden. The dryer didn't work; it had never been dropped or mishandled. Amazon told us to contact the manufacturer; we did. NESCO said to mail the defective top to them, and it would be repaired or replaced. For the cost of one-way shipping, NESCO replaced the defective item. We are happy that NESCO stood behind its product, and would now upgrade its star rating if we could.

While the review seems to end with the idea that the Nesco food dehydrator company helped the customer out, it seems to not give a lot of information about actually using the dehydrator. This customer seems to have left the dehydrator in a possibly unfit area for storage, which is not the fault of the dehydrator manufacturer.